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The Lavaux
Capital Fund

  • Consistent returns for investors of 8% per annum, without deduction, payable in quarterly returns of 2% of the capital amount invested
  • Low inherent risk profile and intensive risk management process

Our investment fund is based on the 'real economy', generating consistent returns that are uncorrelated to market volatility, through providing secured trade finance facilities to selected clients, with particular emphasis on SMEs.

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Financing growth for business, delivering returns to investors

Whether you are an investor looking for a consistent return, or a company seeking trade finance facilities to grow your business, Lavaux Capital has developed a simple model to assist you.

We offer regular fixed returns of 8% per annum to investors while providing an attractive source of working capital to our trade finance clients helping them to unlock significant value in their businesses.

INVESTING: we offer investors regular, consistent returns through a solid investment platform that is uncorrelated to stock market volatility.

FINANCE: we provide trade finance facilities to approved clients, giving their businesses much-needed access to short-term working capital.

Based in Switzerland, Lavaux Capital has a highly skilled team with substantial experience in trade finance and banking, with a commitment to supporting entrepreneurship.

Our team is here to assist you. For a confidential discussion, please
call us +41 21 926 9770.

Trade Finance

  • Short term trade finance facilities for selected businesses

At Lavaux Capital, we realise that effective business growth relies upon having access to working capital when your business needs it.

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